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World Can't Wait is organizing people living in the United States to take responsibility to stop the whole disastrous course led by the Bush administration. We seek to create a political situation where the Bush administration's program is repudiated, where Bush himself is driven from office, and where the whole direction he has been taking U.S. society is reversed.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Initial Oct 5 reports from Cleveland and Columbus below

*Video from October 5 in Cleveland
*another video from Cleveland Oct 5

October 5th reports from around the country

Actions to Drive Out the Bush Regime occurred from coast to coast on October 5 in over 200 locations. Several thousand took to the streets in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, hundreds acted in cities such as Tucson, Portland, Atlanta, and Austin, and in many small towns and cities scores of people went to intersections, town centers, local beaches, and wherever they thought they would reach the most people in their areas with the message that This Regime Does Not Represent Us and We Will Drive it Out.

Across the country, people young and old showed the heart and courage to confront the reality of the fascistic and war mongering direction the Bush Regime has been driving this country and the entire world. Together, we made a powerful and precious political statement - one that is being debated and seriously considered but that must still be acted on by people in a more massive way to actually shift the political dynamics in this country. The thousands who acted are the nucleus of a spreading movement that must now go on and win the argument with those who still are on the sidelines. Where Bush's whole agenda is repudiated and he and his Regime must leave office in disgrace.


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Cleveland report
In Cleveland, close to 400 people gathered throughout the day at Willard Park across from the Federal Building. Despite the howling wind, therewas a spirit of commitment, determination and passion to drive out theBush regime. There were scores of youth from over a dozen high schools and colleges in the area and some from as far as 60 miles away. Several high school youth took off from the rally sight and got flyers out to people coming out of the rapid station, calling on them to Join Us.

There were also many retired people, medical workers, blue collar and union folks, teachers, and anti-war/social justice activists, former and current servicemen. At least a couple of dozen office worker types came out during the lunch hour to offer support. People came from: Case Western Reserve University, Baldwin Wallace College, Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland State University, LakelandCommunity College, Ohio University, Allegheny College, and Western Kentucky University. Youth from area high schools included Brush, Brookside, Shaker, Cleveland Heights, Willoughby South, Bay Village.

People came from many areas: Lakewood, Lyndhurst, North Olmsted, Canton, Akron, Milan, Sheffield Lake, Cuyahoga Falls, Elyria, Kent, and more.

For many people, it was their first protest.

There were speakers, music, poetry and huge banners and signs in the parkand along a major intersection for hundreds to see and some to stop andjoin the event. One speaker, from the immigrant support network, wore an orange jumpsuit to symbolize the torture and detentions being done "in ournames." The poets were very powerful, giving a heart, urgency and lots of content to the day. There was an open mic, where people of all ages,nationalities and viewpoints, spoke to why this regime must be driven out.

For example:A high school student gave a very poignant and powerful short speechsaying he did not want his daughter (15 years from now) asking him why is torture legal or his sone asking why he has to go to fight in iran. How bush is always invoking the bible, he asked how much longer till gays arebeing murdered and black people are slaves again, because that is in thebible too.

A 6th grader said: I came here because it’s my responsibility as an American to drive out this so-called president. He’s not a president, he is a dictator, and I am tired of it. I am tired of the lies, I’m tired ofthe regime, I’m tired of the oppression, and I want it gone.

Then at 4pm a few hundred poured into the street for the march, chanting“Join us, join us, The World Cant Wait, Drive Out the Bush Regime” and“Torture, Spies Bring it to a Halt.” There were lots of signs and banners, including signs carried by activists against police brutalitysaying “Homeland Security=More Stolen Lives”. A car full of Black women joined the end of the march and followed the whole way, behind a woman on a motorcycle.

There was high energy, loud chanting, pulling banners through lots of wind and then getting in front of Federal Building, where yellow crime tape was pulled in front of the building. The crowd yelled and chanted and then laid down in the street for a die in.

The day started at 10am with a media conference at the Franklin County Board of Elections. Speakers included: Military Familys Speak Out; Fair Trade; Mark S. and Victoria P. local activists; World Can't Wait; Bob Fitrakis-Free Press Editor and Green Party Candidate for Governor. The only press there was one radio program reporter from WOSU radio, and one Indy reporter.

At noon the daylong protest in front of the Statehouse started and business women in business suits joined us on break and lunch hour and held signs. Around 3:30 another dozen or so people joined us who just got off work or school. We marched at 4pm on the sidwalks to the Federal Building where we chanted BUSH STEP DOWN.

At our peak we had at least 100 people. Special props to Antioch College students who came early and stayed all day, to the various students from Ohio State, Wilmington College, and Thomas Worthington High School.