World Can't Wait, OHIO

World Can't Wait is organizing people living in the United States to take responsibility to stop the whole disastrous course led by the Bush administration. We seek to create a political situation where the Bush administration's program is repudiated, where Bush himself is driven from office, and where the whole direction he has been taking U.S. society is reversed.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Report back from IMPEACH! Day
April 28 Cleveland

click for short movies of A28 in Cleveland

In Cleveland A28 went well, the weather started out nasty, cold and wet earlier in the day.

At 1 p.m. we connected with local environmentalists from Ohio Citizen Action who were doing a bike ride fundraiser for their local clean air campaign. We showed parts of 'Voices For Impeachment" at Visible Voices Books and a news clip about O.C.A's clean air campaign. They brought their folks to the film showing and we joined forces. It was good because we also were helping out this new progressive bookstore by bringing folks in. Everyone cooperated with each
other and many people from different peace and justice groups and political perspectives (as well as individuals) participated throughout the day..

After that we several of us went with some SDS youths to the local recruiting station and held up an impeachment banner and did some street theatre with a "detainee".. We shut the recruiting station down and plastered the windows with "Impeach Bush and Cheney for War Crimes" and "Not Our President" signs and copies of the WCW call before we left.

Much to our delight the weather cleared up with blue skies and warmer temperatures as we were going back to Lincoln Park . We decorated it with orange Impeach balloons to the delight of all the children in the playground who were running around with them. About 100 people trickled in and we held up large letters , banners and signs along the main drag and did some strong agitation and open mic to an audience that formed across the street by a local church. We recieved many honks and thumbs up. I also recited the Pledge Of Resistance.

Some of us formed the word impeach in the grass (on top of plastic) while others kept the vigil at the street going.A group of us then marched to Pat's In the Flats with 911Truth folks and did some strong agitation outside of local yuppie restaurants ...some folks and shop keepers came out and clapped while a few others yelled at us but we held our positions and had really good agitation going on the whole time. We also had a "detainee" in jumpsuit with us doing stress positions which always gets attention.

At Pat's In The Flats we tabled, danced and listened to Anti -Bush bands until the wee hours of the morning.We also did some impeach petitions and made new contacts.
It was a successful day and we met many new faces and activists..

Folks really liked the idea of being part of a national movement happening all over. Some folks suggested we all join forces and do impeachment actions like this every week!

Another World Is Possible!
MJ-Cleveland World Can't Wait/Not In Our Name

The World Can't Wait-Drive Out the Bush Regime!
In Cleveland: 216-644-7794

DONATIONS urgently needed to cover the cost of this event!!
Send checks to: NION/WCW
PO Box 609034 Cleveland OH 44109

Monday, April 23, 2007


Mary Jo Muser 216-644-7794
National: Jacob Park, 718-404-9472,

including events in Cleveland OH (local info below)

NEW YORK, N.Y., April 23, 2007 - In response to today’s announcement by Rep. Dennis Kucinich that he plans to file Articles of Impeachment against Vice-President Dick Cheney, Americans across the country will take to the streets on April 28 to express their support for the impeachment of both Cheney and Bush. From Miami, Florida to North Pole, Alaska, more than 100 actions are planned nationwide, with more being added by the hour.

Jacob Park, National Coordinator of the April 28 actions, said "George Bush and Dick Cheney lied the nation into an illegal war of aggression, are spying on millions of innocent Americans, and have authorized the use of torture. The time has come for all of us—particularly our representatives in Congress—to decide where we stand. Impeachment is a self-evident moral imperative and to turn a blind eye to lying, spying, and torture makes a mockery of our most basic values and the very notion of democracy."
On April 28, a scheduled visit by George Bush to Miami will be greeted by a massive impeachment rally called for by dozens of organizations. At the California Democratic Convention in San Diego, hundreds of delegates will openly defy the party leadership by bringing an impeachment resolution to the floor for a vote. Thousands of people will form “human murals” spelling the word “impeach” with their bodies at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Coney Island in New York, the foot of the Washington monument, and other locations. And elsewhere people will spell out the word in myriad creative ways ranging from banners on freeway overpasses to a skywriting plane over the New Orleans Jazzfest to candles in Atlanta.

In Cleveland OH, people will be gathering for a series of events in Tremont

download flier here

*Noon, join us for a picnic in Lincoln Park

*At 1 pm, "The World Can't Wait, Drive Out the Bush Regime" will host a film showing: "Voices For Impeachment" at Visible Voice Books, 1023 Kenilworth Ave.

*At 5 pm, people will gather at Lincoln Park for an Impeachment Protest/Street Theatre -Rally and March, where people will spell out the word IMPEACH in large letters and as a "human mural."

*We then are going to march to Pat's In The Flats for an "Impeach Bush Party" at 7 pm, with DJ Plasticefx, Baditude, and Morticias Chair.


*We are stenciling some "IMPEACH" on orange t-shirts..
*we have orange No war on Iran, Out Of Iraq,Impeach posters
*we have 50 IMPEACH BUSH AND CHENEY bumber stickers from Not In Our Name
*2 orange IMPEACH banners
*4 orange jumpsuits
*Some freeway blogging going on
*(a potential SDS protest outside of the recruitng station earlier in the day)
*Orange flyers we are distributing aroung Tremont that say IMPEACH on one side for folks to put in their windows (we need to make more)

What we would like:
Bush and Cheney masks to have a chain gang
Money for more flyers
folks to distribute and post flyers all over town! Any who can help, contact MJ asap

We can use any donations send check to:
Not In Our Name/WCW
P.O. Box 609034
Cleve. Oh, 44109


For a complete list of actions scheduled for April 28, please see

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Get ready for IMPEACH! Day
Cleveland World Can't Wait meeting
Sunday, April 15
2- 4 pm
Visible Voice Books, 1023 Kenilworth Ave in Tremont

(1/2 block east of Lincoln Park)

Let's put the word IMPEACH! everywhere on Saturday, April 28. World Can’t Wait is helping to spread the demand for impeachment across the country, along with dozens of organizations.

Download Impeach Day flier here. Hand it out and post it everywhere!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

This April 14th, tens of thousands of Americans will gather all across the country at meaningful, iconic places to call for action on climate change.
Step it up Cleveland
April 14, 2007
noon- 2 pm
Rally at the upper pavilion, Edgewater Park with speakers, a speak out, picknicking, volley ball, and networking for future organizing. Bring your own signs to tell Congress to Step It Up.

click for more event listings in Northeast Ohio

The World Can’t Wait Supports StepItUp07
We’re Going to Have to Drive out the Bush Regime to Stop Global Warming!

The World Can’t Wait Call states, “Your government suppresses the science that doesn’t fit its religious, political and economic agenda, forcing generations to pay a terrible price.”

The Bush regime has systematically and forcefully opposed action to stop global warming. Witness Katrina, witness the refusal to ratify the Kyoto treaty – for only two obvious examples.
The demand is that Congress enact immediate cuts in carbon emissions – 80% reduction by 2050 – with no half measures or easy compromises.
Like World Can’t Wait, StepItUp07 sees the urgency of people taking a moral stand and acting to make the necessary change happen. As notes, “The best science
tells us we have ten years to fundamentally transform our economy… or face ‘a totally different planet.’”
World Can’t Wait will join in April 14, proclaiming, “Real science tells us we need to save our planet now. The World Can’t Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!” We’ll be signing people up to do that.